Posted On: February 16, 2011 by Steven J. Malman

Illinois Garbage Truck Accident Lawsuit Seeks Damages for Injured Cop

Mark Berndsen, a Breese police officer, is suing garbage truck driver Kenny Dale Ewing and Brisk Sanitation Inc. for his Illinois truck crash injuries. Berndsen is seeking over $100,000 in Illinois personal injury compensation.

According to his Illinois truck crash complaint, Berndsen was driving his police car in Breese when his vehicle was struck by a garbage truck driven by Ewing. The trucker/sanitation driver allegedly did not stop at the intersection, which caused him to strike the officer’s patrol car.

Berndsen’s police car rolled over during the collision. He says he hurt his back and neck.

Chicago, Illinois Garbage Truck Accidents
Large and heavy in size, garbage trucks can cause serious Illinois personal injuries. Not only are they challenging to maneuver, but it can also be difficult for the truck driver to see what’s around him/her—especially in the vehicle’s blind spots.

Garbage truck drivers cannot afford to become distracted or disobey traffic laws when driving. They need to pay attention to the activity around them, drive at the speed limit, obey all traffic signs, make sure there aren’t any pedestrians that have suddenly appeared behind the vehicle, and, before proceeding, check that workers riding on the truck are not in the vehicle’s way.

Breese cop sues garbage truck driver, The Record, February 14, 2011

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It is important that you work with a Chicago truck crash law firm that knows how to prove liability on the part of the garbage truck driver and/other responsible parties. Garbage truck crashes claim lives annually.

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