Posted On: February 19, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Woman Files Illinois Garbage Truck Lawsuit Seeking Personal Injury Recovery

A woman who says that she hurt her shoulder, back, and neck when she was involved in a garbage truck crash is suing Robert "Bob" Sanders Waste Systems and Brent A. Sanders for personal injury. Lakisha A. Barnes filed her Illinois truck accident lawsuit on Tuesday.

She claims that she was rear-ended by the 2006 International CF600 garbage truck, driven by Sanders, on the morning of March 17, 2008. She says the trucker caused the Illinois garbage truck collision when he failed to lower his speed and/or brake to avoid a crash and neglected to keep a proper lookout for other autos.

Barnes says the truck crash caused her to become lame, sick, sore and disordered, as well as experience suffering and pain. She claims that her earning capacity was impaired, she lost income, and accrued medical expenses. Barnes is seeking over $150,000.

Garbage Truck Accidents
Getting hit by a garbage truck that weighs tens of thousands of pounds can prove catastrophic for pedestrians and motorists on the receiving end of this type of collision. Common causes of Illinois garbage truck crashes include:

• Falling garbage
• Drunk driving
• Drugged driving
• Faulty brakes
• Faulty maintenance
• Trying to stick to the garbage pickup schedule
• Poor visibility
• Not being able to stop fast enough during an emergency
• Distracted driving
• Inadequate driver training
• Failure to yield
• Driver fatigue
• Difficulties maneuvering vehicle

Garbage truck rear-ends Honda, suit claims, The Record, February 19, 2010

While not all garbage truck crashes are the truck driver’s fault, the best way to determine whether you have grounds for filing a Chicago, Illinois truck crash lawsuit is to speak with an injury attorney.

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