Posted On: September 2, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Chicago Garbage Truck Accident Kills Two People and Critically Injures Two Others

Two people are dead and another two are in critical condition following a deadly Illinois motor vehicle collision involving a car and a garbage truck. The Chicago truck accident occurred in Logan Square close to the intersection of West Fullerton and North Central Park at around 3 am.

The two people that died from the wreck are 30-year-old Michael B. Tate and 27-year-old Marc Duncan. Both men are from Chicago.

While the majority of garbage truck accidents usually involve pedestrians, there are incidents that occur involving other vehicles.

Common causes of Chicago garbage truck accidents:

• Failure to yield
• Negligent driving
• Truck driver error
• Poor visibility
• Mechanical failure
• Defective garbage truck part
• Failing debris

Because of the nature of their jobs, garbage truck drivers are often required to stop and start the vehicle multiple times. This makes it even more necessary for garbage truck drivers to check their mirrors, make sure that there are no pedestrians, bicycles, or vehicles are in their blind spots. They also must be pay close attention to oncoming traffic.

Proving liability in a Chicago truck accident is always a challenge, which is why you must speak with a Chicago truck crash law firm to explore your legal options.

Garbage truck crashes occur more often than we would like to think that they do.

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An experienced Chicago truck collision lawyer can send a team to the crash site right away to sift through the accident wreckage. Your Chicago injury attorney can also get the claims process started as soon as possible. You have two years from the date that the Chicago truck accident happened to file your Illinois personal injury case or wrongful death lawsuit.

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