Posted On: February 24, 2011 by Steven J. Malman

Bus Driver Files Illinois Truck Accident Lawsuit Over Her Disabling Injuries

A bus driver who was involved in a Pontoon Beach traffic crash two years ago is now suing the truck driver for Illinois truck accident injuries. Denise D. Bourbon says she sustained serious and disabling injuries on February 16, 2009 when the county transit bus she was driving was struck by a large truck.

Bourbon contends that trucker Scotty B. Wentworth drove too fast, did not keep a proper lookout, neglected to yield-the-right of lane, failed to drive within a single line, and did not stop at a stop sign while attempting to make a right turn. The plaintiff says that in addition to her physical injuries, she also suffered emotional distress and could not execute her usual duties.

Bourbon is seeking over $100,000 plus costs. Wentworth’s employer, Howell's Motor Freight, is also a defendant. She claims the freight company was negligent for entrusting the truck to Wentworth when it allegedly knew he would operate the truck in a careless, reckless, and incompetent manner.

Truck crash cases are tough. This is why working with the right Chicago truck accident law firm is so important. Not only are trucking companies often ready to combat allegations of liability, but also determining which parties are responsible can be challenging.

Often, truck logs can often help shed light on whether any Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations were violated. Truck maintenance records can also show whether a truck is up-to-date on its inspections. An experienced Illinois truck crash law firm will know what evidence and data to gather so that you can receive the recovery that you are owed.

Madison County Transit driver sues trucker over accident, The Record, February 21, 2011

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