Posted On: November 20, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Woman Files Illinois Truck Accident Lawsuit After She and Her Young Children are Injured in I-255 Crash

Crystal Little is suing two drivers for the injuries that she and her two young children sustained during an Illinois tow truck accident on I-255 on November 2. Little’s minor children are Dylan Little and Zachary Anderson.

The plaintiff contends that at around 10am at milepost 24 in Collinsville on Interstate 255, Little’s car was struck by a wheel lift that had fallen off the tow truck driven by Shawn P. Reese for Bills Wrecker Service. The wheel lift was on the road when another auto, driven by Herbert R. True, struck it, pushing it into Little’s motor vehicle.

Crystal is accusing Reese of failing to secure his cargo to his vehicle, driving his two truck too fast, and driving in a way that caused the cargo to fall from the truck. She claims that True neglected to properly apply his brakes, did not keep a proper lookout, was driving too fast, did not have adequate brakes on his vehicle, and did not slow down even though the wheel lift posed a hazard on the road.

Little says that she and her children sustained Illinois personal injuries and disabilities and were made sick, lame, disordered, sore, and disabled. Injuries included shoulder injuries, neck and back injuries, leg injuries, and ankle injuries.

She is seeking over $750,000 for the truck accident injuries.

A vehicle carrying any kind of cargo must properly secure the load so that it doesn’t fall off the auto and accidentally land on another vehicle or become dangerous debris on the road for other vehicles to collide in. Tow trucks must also be careful that any vehicle that they are towing behind them is properly secured.

Mother sues tow truck driver in I-255 accident, The Record, November 19, 2009

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