Posted On: November 17, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Widower Awarded $5.1 for Wife’s Wrongful Death from Fatal Truck Accident

A jury has awarded David Falkenstein $5.1 million for his wife’s wrongful death. 67-year-old Ingrid Falkenstein died instantly after the minivan she and her husband were riding in was struck by a tractor-trailer that was fully loaded on May 1, 2006. David sustained injuries, including a fractured pelvis.

While the defendants claimed the county was to blame because it neglected to replace rumble strips that were worn out and there was poor signage at the intersection, David’s lawyer argued that truck driver Christopher Angland ran a stop sign.

The jury found the trucker 60% liable for the tragic tractor-trailer crash. It found McMaster Sod LLC to be 40% liable.

The Falkensteins who were married 33 years had just retired when the deadly semi-truck crash happened.

A truck crash claim can be difficult to prove without the help of an experienced injury lawyer that knows how to successfully settle and win cases against large trucking companies. Obtaining financial recovery can help cover accident-related costs and provides some comfort to the victim and/or his/her family while holding the liable party or parties accountable.

In another truck accident lawsuit, a jury awarded a motorcyclist almost $ 2 million against a dump truck driver. Levon Babakhanian was fractured his pelvis, left hip, and left leg, while also sustaining multiple arm, hand, and facial injuries during a truck accident on an October 4, 2006. Trucker William Edgington was working for Cedar Point Construction.

The jury found Babakhanian 20% at fault for the crash and the defendants 80% at fault.

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