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1 Death and 2 Injuries in Monee, Illinois Semi-Truck Accident Involving 8 Vehicles On Interstate 57

A semi-truck driver has been cited twice for his involvement in an 8-vehicle collision on Friday that left one man dead and injured two others. Joel Moskowitz received citations for improper lane usage and failure to reduce speed to avoid a crash.

The 49-year-old trucker wasn’t able to stop his vehicle in time to avoid hitting the vehicles in front of him. In an attempt to avoid colliding with the vehicles ahead, he sideswiped another auto, which hit another motor vehicle, causing a chain Illinois motor vehicle crash involving 8 autos. The Illinois semi-truck crash occurred around 8 pm in south Monee on Interstate 57. State police report that traffic wasn’t moving at the time because of two other motor vehicle crashes that had occurred earlier.

The Will County Coroner says Harvey driver Cristobal Murillo, 23, died from his injuries. Another man sustained serious injuries and had to be airlifted from the crash site. A third Illinois truck crash victim, a woman, sustained minor injuries. She was treated at a hospital and later released.

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Nolo says that most truck accidents occur because of errors made by truck drivers. Drowsy driving, speeding, drunk driving, distracted driving, driving with an improperly loaded truck, texting while driving, talking on the cell phone while operating a motor vehicle, not looking at blind spots, violating hours of service rule, driver inexperience, depowering the front brakes, and driving while medicated are some negligent driving actions that can lead to catastrophic Illinois truck accidents.

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Trucking Accidents, Nolo

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