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Deadly Truck Crash: Mother, Father, & Their Three Children Killed in Traffic Collision Involving Two Semi-Trucks

Five people died early Friday in a deadly multi-truck collision involving a pickup truck and two semi-trucks. All of the people that died belonged to the same family—a mother, a father, and three young children. They were pronounced dead at the crash site. The names of the deceased are Joanna L. Workman, 31, Brian W. Workman, 33, Ryan Workman, 1, Tyler Workman, 8, and Ashley Workman, 13.

According to police, the family was riding in a Dodge pickup truck, which was stopped or slowed. A flatbed semi, driven by George A. Hack, was in front of their vehicle.

The deadly truck crash occurred just after 4am when a semi-truck that was transporting double-box trailers approached after driving over a hill. Unable to stop in time, the large truck, driven by truck driver Forest E. Stover, struck the pickup truck, shoving the smaller vehicle into the back of the flat-bed truck.

The pickup truck burst into flames, spreading to Stover’s semi-truck. Both truck drivers were not injured.

The large truck that Hack was driving is an 1999 International semi owned by South Hill Trucking of Elkhorn. It was carrying 50,000 pounds of coil rod. The 2004 Sterling semi that Stover was driving is owned by Con-Way Central Express. Stover’s truck was transporting 65,000 pounds of general freight.

The impact of a large truck—weighing thousands of pounds and carrying tens of thousands of pounds in cargo—shoving a much smaller vehicle into another large truck carrying 50,000 pounds of cargo was obviously too much for the family to withstand. At the Law Offices of Steven J. Malman & Associates, we know how hard it is to lose one person that you love—let alone multiple family members—in a catastrophic truck crash. Our Chicago truck crash law firm is known for taking care of our clients' personal injury/wrongful death concerns so that they can deal with the emotional fallout that comes with coping with the loss of loved ones.

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