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Pickup Driver Killed in Illinois Semi-Truck Crash on Interstate 74

A 79-year-old pickup truck driver was killed on Monday in a head-on crash with a semi tractor-trailer. The deadly Illinois truck crash occurred on Interstate 74.

Emergency workers from Tilton and the Lynch Fire Protection District arrived at the scene. The pickup truck driver was pronounced dead at the crash site. His body had to be cut out of the vehicle and there was a portion of the semi in the pickup truck cab.

The driver and passenger in the semi did not appear to be injured, although the passenger, who was asleep when the head-on crash happened, was thrown into the semi’s cab and almost struck the windshield.

About 60 gallons of diesel fuel spilled into a storm drain. The Vermillion County Haz Mat team was able to prevent the fuel from spreading into local waterways.

Illinois State Police are in charge of the investigation into the deadly truck accident.

Illinois Truck Crashes
It is important to retain the services of a Chicago truck collision lawyer that can begin pursuing your claim and investigating your case immediately. Not only does evidence from the truck accident site need to be preserved, but also truck maintenance records, any previous trucker violations, the trucker’s log book, eyewitness accounts, the truck’s black box data, emergency personnel statements and police reports, the trucking company’s policies and/ records of any violations, and other key information must be examined in order to determine what caused your Illinois truck collision.

Injuries in a traffic accident involving a large truck can prove catastrophic for the victims, who must contend with the impact of colliding with a vehicle weighing thousands of pounds and (in some cases) carrying tens of thousands of pounds of (sometimes hazardous) cargo.

Many truck companies have teams that specialize in limiting liability from truck crash claims.

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