Posted On: June 23, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Illinois Multi-Semi-Trailer Accident on I-80 Injures One Truck Driver and Kills Another

One truck driver is dead and another is injured following an Illinois multi-truck accident near Minooka on Monday. Four semi-trailers were involved in the collision that killed truck driver William E Henderson, 39, on Interstate 80 and sent Manuel Proctor, 51, to the hospital.

The semi-trailer crash happened after Henderson rear-ended another semi-trailer truck, which then rear-ended another large truck that then struck the back of a fourth semi-trailer truck. Three of the semi-trailers were stopped on the highway when Henderson’s truck caused the chain reaction crash.

According to Grundy County Coroner John Callahan, Henderson, who was driving over a rise in the freeway, failed to see the other semi-trailer trucks. Callahan says Henderson’s cause of death was massive trauma.

If you are a truck driver that was injured in a truck crash because another trucker or a trucking company (or another third-party) that is not your employer was negligent, you may have grounds for filing an Illinois truck accident lawsuit for your personal injuries.

Just because a trucker is riding in a large truck doesn’t mean he or she cannot sustain serious injuries in an Illinois truck crash. While Illinois workers’ compensation law allows most truckers to obtain injury benefits—preventing the truck driver from suing an employer for personal injury—the amount paid to the injured worker may not be enough to cover all accident-related damages and losses.

An experienced Chicago truck accident lawyer will know how to successfully pursue your personal injury recovery from all third parties so that you can obtain the resources that you need to recover. In the event that your truck accident injuries are permanent and you can no longer work, you will need all the support that the maximum recovery for your catastrophic injuries can provide.

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