Posted On: June 10, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Chicago Tractor-Trailer Driver, Named as Defendant in Wrongful Death Lawsuit Involving Unsecured Load, Charged with Woman’s Death

Robert S. Kostadinov, a 29-year-old Chicago truck driver, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and homicide by vehicle over the truck accident death of Michelle Lamaze. The deadly tractor-trailer collision occurred on November 18.

Police say that Kostadinov’s trailer was carrying a cargo that exceeded the maximum height allowed on Route 22. His container rammed into an overpass, fell off the trailer, and landed in front of Lamaze’s SUV. The container ripped off the roof of her car. The 44-year-old woman sustained blunt force trauma to her neck and head and died at the crash site.

Authorities claim that the Chicago truck driver neglected to properly secure the container’s lower corners. Other charges against Kostadinov include reckless endangerment, careless driving, reckless driving, and motor carrier violations.

Last January, Lamaze’s brother sued Kostadinov and Vidov Trucking Inc. for her wrongful death. Joseph C. Lamaze contends that the defendants violated state law with the container that had a height that went beyond what was legally allowed. His complaint also claims that the trucking company did not have the permit necessary for transporting an over-sized load.

Improperly secured truck loads can be very dangerous. They can lead to motor vehicle accidents involving falling debris or other large pieces of cargo that can come off the truck, obstructing the path of oncoming traffic or striking other motorists or pedestrians that may be in the surrounding area. This can lead to catastrophic, even fatal injuries.

In Illinois, an experienced Chicago truck crash lawyer will know how to determine why a load fell off a truck, what should have been done to properly secure the load, and who should be held responsible for the unsecured load accident. Steel roads, cargo containers, and other materials have been known to fall of large trucks, causing injuries and deaths.

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