Posted On: June 15, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Chicago Truck Accident Lawyers: American Trucking Associations Presents 18-Point Safety Policies List to Promote Highway Safety

Last week, the American Trucking Associations (ATA) held a news conference in Washington DC to discuss its 18-point highway safety plan. The plan is geared toward increasing highway safety, improving trucking and driver performance, as well as creating safer vehicles. Included in the 18 initiatives are policies regarding:

• Uniform testing standards for commercial drivers license
• A national 65mph speed maximum for all motor vehicles
• Non-integrated technologies in vehicles when they are in motion
• More truck parking facilities
• Improved car driver - trucker conduct
• Improved seat belt use
• Seat belt enforcement and red light cameras
• Tougher laws to curb drunk driving
• Graduated licensing standards for teens in each US state
• Electronic speed governing of large trucks made after 1992 and specific non-commercial motor vehicles
• Mandatory safety training for new entrant motor carriers
• New standards regarding large truck crashworthiness
• Access to the Driver Information Resource
• A national clearinghouse for the positive alcohol and drug results of CDL holders
• A registry of certified medical examiners

While some groups are applauding the ATA’s initiatives, including Road Safe America and the American Insurance Association, other groups are a bit more critical of their efforts. Truck Safety Coalition says that the ATA needs to go further in its efforts and says the 18-point plan is just another way for the industry to promote its own agenda. The trucking industry is about to begin lobbying for a $450 billion highway reauthorization plan.

On a positive note, the large truck fatality rate hit a record low in 2007. The US Department of Transportation reports that there were 1.85 deadly crashes for every 100 miles traveled that year. And the large truck fatality rate has decreased 23% over the last 10 years.

Regardless, there are still too many Illinois truck crash accidents occurring and too many people sustaining catastrophic injuries from these collisions.

ATA offers highway safety agenda,

Expanding ATA's Safety Agenda (PDF)

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