Posted On: June 8, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Illinois Truck Accident: Man That Was Pinned Between Box Trailer and Dump Truck Sues for Personal Injury

Illinois Truck accident victim Johnny L. Taylor is suing Darrell Gully, James Carson, and ABM Construction for personal injuries. Taylor says he sustained his catastrophic injuries on July 15, 2005 when he got pinned between a dump truck and a box trailer.

According to Taylor’s Illinois truck accident lawsuit, the defendants were negligent because they failed to make sure that there was enough space between the dump truck and trailer before backing the semi-trailer into the box trailer. Taylor is also accusing the defendants of negligence because they failed to let him know that the semi-trailer was going to back into the box trailer.

Gully was the truck driver of the semi-trailer. Taylor says he sustained disabling and permanent injuries from the Illinois truck accident, including a ruptured spleen, a thoracic crush injury, fractures to his sacrum, ribs, and a number of vertebrae, and a blunt injury to his abdomen. He contends that as a result of his injuries, he has incurred medical bills. The plaintiff is seeking over $50,000 in compensatory damages, pre-judgment interest, and other relief and costs.

Getting pinned by a large truck is a serious matter that unfortunately, doesn’t happen as infrequently as we would like to think. Recent serious truck accidents involving victims that were pinned by trucks include:

• In May, a UPS worker died after a UPS driver accidentally backed over him, pinning him against a wall. Police say 58-year-old James Pendarvis died of traumatic asphyxia.

• Also last month, a sanitation worker got hurt after he was accidentally pinned between a garbage truck and the dumpster that the vehicle was lifting to empty out.

• In April, a man got pinned between the body of the truck and the vehicle’s dump box.

If you were injured in a truck accident as the occupant of another vehicle, as an occupant of a truck, as a pedestrian, or as a worker doing your job, you should consult with a Chicago truck accident lawyer to explore your options for personal injury recovery.

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