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Woman Files Illinois Wrongful Death Lawsuit After Bicyclist is Killed in Truck Accident

In Illinois, a woman is suing Guarantee Electric Company, Enterprise Leasing Company, and trucker Christopher J. Hankins for her father’s truck accident death. She is seeking over $200,000, plus other relief.

Gerald T. Berkel was riding his bicycle in Pontoon Beach on Illinois Route 111 on December 20, 2007 when Hankins’s truck collided with him. Hankins, employed by Guarantee Electric, was operating a rental truck belonging to Enterprise. Kelly Berkel’s lawsuit accuses Hankins of negligence for failing to stop his truck before striking her father’s bike, neglecting to properly control the large vehicle, operating the truck at too fast of a speed, failing to keep the truck in the proper lane, failing to maintain proper headlights, and failing to look out for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Kelly Berkel contends that Guarantee Electric is responsible for Illinois personal injury damages because Hankins was working for the company when the deadly truck accident happened. She is accusing Enterprise of acting negligently when it entrusted the truck driver and his employer with the rental truck.

Bicyclists are at a disadvantage and risk the chance of serious injury or death anytime they are in a traffic accident—especially if the vehicle involved is a large truck.It doesn’t help that a bicyclist will very likely get thrown to the ground or onto the other vehicle. The force of collision can only further exacerbate any potential injuries.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Offers a Number of Safety Tips for Truck Drivers on How to Share the Road Safely with Others, including:

• Get plenty of rest before getting behind the wheel
• Make sure you are healthy
• Make sure your vehicle is properly maintained
• Be vigilant about checking your blind spots
• Drive slowly in work zones
• Maintain a distance between you and the vehicles around you
• Wear a seat belt
• Drive defensively
• Be professional about your job—you are, after all, a professional driver

Injuries caused by a negligent truck driver may be grounds for an Illinois personal injury claim or a wrongful death lawsuit.

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