Posted On: April 9, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Chicago Truck Accident Attorney: Following Big Rig Collision that Killed 2 People and injured 12, Commercial Trucks Temporarily Banned from Mountain Highway

Commercial trucks are temporarily banned on Angeles Crest Highway following a deadly big rig truck crash that killed a father and daughter and injured 12 other people. The 90-day ban, which began at midnight on Sunday, gives state transportation officials a chance to figure out how they can improve traffic safety in that area of California 2.

The deadly truck collision happened on April 1 when a double-decker truck carrying cars experienced brake problems and ran into a number of motor vehicles before hitting a bookstore. Killed in the fatal highway collision were Angel Jorge Posca and his 12-year-old daughter Angelina. Truck driver Marcos Barbosa has been charged with two felony counts of vehicular manslaughter.

Options transportation officials are considering include setting up a truck-break point, reinstating a truck-arrester lane, and permanently banning big rigs from the highway. In the meantime, additional signs prohibiting five axle trucks and warning of the steep grade have been posted on Angeles National Forest, Foothill Freeway, and Angeles Crest Highway.

Starlight Crest has a steep 7% grade. A study indicates that the arrester beds that remain in the median are not enough to stop large runaway trucks.

Since 1951, there have reportedly been 10 incidents involving trucks burning out their brakes on the same intersection where last week's fatal runaway truck crash happened. Just last September, a semi-truck’s brakes malfunctioned, causing the large truck to drive into a number of parked motor vehicles.

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