Posted On: April 3, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Arcola Man and Woman Injured in Illinois Semi-Trailer Truck Crash on Interstate 74

Yesterday evening, two people sustained injuries in an Illinois large truck accident on Interstate 74 close to Mansfield. According to Illinois State Police, 21-year-old Emily Myers was driving her Ford Taurus in the right westbound lane and attempting to pass a semitrailer tractor truck when the rig's driver Mark E. King drove into her lane.

This caused Myers’s vehicle to drive off the highway, where it struck the ditch embankment and overturned two times before skidding across the eastbound lanes and stopping. Rescue workers had to cut out Emily and 23-year-old Alex Myers from of the vehicle. They were transported to Urbana where they were treated at Provena Covenant Medical Center before being released.

King was issued a ticket for improper lane usage.

Whenever a motor vehicle strikes another auto in the next lane, the consequences can be deadly. This holds even truer when the vehicle moving into the lane is a large truck. The impact of the collision alone can send the other vehicle flying off the road, causing serious injuries and deaths.

It is the responsibility of motorists, especially the drivers of large trucks and buses, to make sure that they change lanes correctly and safely. When someone gets hurt or dies because another motorist was negligent, the injured party may be entitled to Illinois personal injury compensation.

Other examples of kinds of truck accidents that can lead to injuries or death:

Jacknifing: This can occur when the truck skids, causing it to swing out into the shape of a jackknife. This type of truck accident can cause multi-vehicle crashes, potentially injuring or killing a number of people.

Truck under-ride crashes: When a motor vehicle gets caught under a large truck or its trailer.

Truck crashes caused by improperly loaded or secured equipment: Cargo, truck parts, or other items fall off a truck, possibly landing on another vehicle, turning into flying debris for other motorists, or becoming an obstruction on the road that can cause deadly motor vehicle crashes.

Arcola residents injured in I-74 accident, The, April 3, 2009

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