Posted On: March 17, 2011 by Steven J. Malman

Father and Son Injured in Illinois Truck Crash File $6M Federal Lawsuit

Brian Benning and his son Brett suffered serious injuries on February 1 when they were injured in an Illinois tractor-trailer crash. Their family is suing the Schneider National Carriers trucking company and trucker Jason T. Lawler for $6 million.

In their Illinois personal injury case, the Bennings are accusing Lawler of truck driver negligence. Their complaint contends that the trucker failed to keep control of his large truck, which allowed his semi-trailer to jackknife before crossing the center line on Illinois 75. The family believes that Lawler was going too fast on a snowy day.

Brian, who sustained a traumatic brain injury and other “particularly devastating” injuries, was finally released earlier this month from the ICU. He is now in rehabilitation. Having undergone a number surgeries, Brian's recovery is expected to be long. Brett, whose injuries weren’t as serious, is no longer at the hospital.

The family wants compensation for medical bills, physical pain, mental anguish, and lost wages.

Truck Jacknife Accidents
Common causes of Chicago truck jackknife crashes include:

• Sudden application of the brakes
• Accelerating on a surfaces that has low friction
• Downshifting
• Rushing into a curve
• Loss of control on a slippery road
• Swerving and braking at the same time

Main kinds of Illinois truck jacknife crashes:
Tandem Trailer Jacknife: Involves a truck cab pulling two trailers.

Classic Truck Jacknife: Usually involves the trailer swinging out and the truck cab swinging into it.

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Benning family files $6M lawsuit, Journal Standard, March 11, 2011

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It is important that you work with a Chicago truck accident law firm that knows how to prove that the trucking company and its driver caused the catastrophic crash.

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