Posted On: October 21, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Trucker Files Illinois Truck Accident Lawsuit Against His Employer and The Other Driver

A truck driver who was involved in an Illinois truck crash on Interstate 55/70 is suing the other driver and his employer for personal injury. James Hill is seeking over $100,000 plus costs from Hartwig Transit and Lewis Kollenberg.

According to Hill, Kollenberg’s vehicle struck his truck in East St. Louis on May 24, 2010. As a result, the trucker sustained serious permanent and severe injuries that stopped him from attending to his usual duties. He also says that he has experienced great anguish and pain.

In his injury complaint, Kollenberg claims that his employer, Hartiwg Transit, was liable for his actions under “the doctrine of respondeat superior.” The trucker says Kollenberg caused the Illinois truck accident when he negligently failed to swerve or stop to avoid a collision, drove too fast, did not keep his vehicle under adequate control, failed to stop or yield the right of way, and drove without keeping a proper lookout.

Illinois Truck Accidents
While it is usually the other motorist in a smaller vehicle that is at higher risk of injury during a Chicago truck crash, truckers can also get seriously hurt. Back injuries, head injuries, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, other serious injuries, and death can occur. Depending on the specifics of the injury accident, the other driver, the truck manufacturer, a maker of a defective truck part, or the entity that failed to properly maintain a road may be among the possible liable parties.

Truck driver claims his employer is liable for his actions in interstate accident, The Record, October 21, 2010

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An experienced Chicago truck crash lawyer can help you explore your legal options.

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