Posted On: October 15, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Illinois Tow Truck Lawsuit Seeks Damages for Wrongful Death of Man and His Son

Jessica Legens is suing tow truck operator Mark Ikerman, his employer Manheim Services Corporation, the owners of Sparky’s 397 Pub, and Mac & Mick’s Sports Bar for the Illinois wrongful deaths of her husband and son. Donald Legens Sr. and their 9-month-old son Donald Legens Jr. died from injuries they sustained when their stopped car was struck by the truck driven by Mark Ikerman.

According to Legens’ Illinois truck accident complaint, Ikerman was driving drunk and did not slow down when he hit the victims’ vehicle. The elder Legens, who was standing outside, was injured when the impact of collision pushed his car into him. He died that night. Donald Legens Jr., who was in the vehicle at the time, would die on November 14, 2008 from his injuries.

Legens is seeking at least $50,000 for each count against Ikerman, who is charged with two counts of failing to report an accident involving death or personal injury and two counts of aggravated driving while under the influence. She is also suing Mannheim for vicarious liability. She is seeking damages against the bar owners for knowingly selling the alcohol to the two truck driver before the accident.

Meantime, Mannheim is claiming that Donald Legens Sr. was partially responsible for the accident because he was outside his vehicle at the time, drinking, and did not make sure his gas tank was full enough that he wouldn’t run out of fuel.

Chicago Truck Accident Lawsuits
Losing someone you love is incredibly hard. It can be even more upsetting to know that your loved one would still be alive today were it not for another party’s negligence. There are ways to hold a negligent trucker and trucking company liable for your loved one’s truck crash death.

Summary judgment move in tow truck accident case to be heard Oct. 22, St. Clair Record, October 14, 2010

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