Posted On: July 2, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

At Least 30 People Already Injured During Tractor-Trailer Crashes in July

The month of July has just begun and already a number of people have been injured in semi-truck crashes. Our Chicago truck accident lawyers want to remind all motorists of the importance of driving safely. The summer months are a time of year when many people that are usually in school or at work are out on the roads headed to outings, parties, and on vacation. It is important that all motorists refrain from careless and negligent driving to prevent traffic crashes. Just yesterday, numerous injuries and at least one death occurred during large truck crashes.

State Highway Patrol say that at least 15 people were injured when a tractor-trailer failed to stop in a highway work zone and rear-ended one of nine vehicles that were stopped to cause a chain reaction, multi-vehicle crash. The truck then burst into flames at the side of the road. Semi-truck driver John S. Fahrni was transported to the hospital for treatment of non-incapacitating injuries.

In another tractor-trailer collision, 12 people were injured when a tour bus transporting a gospel group called The Bowling Family rear-ended the semi-truck. One of the bus passengers was ejected from the front passenger seat. He suffered serious injuries.

In yet another semi-truck crash, a 65-year-old grandmother was killed when the car she was driving collided with a tractor-trailer. Police say that the victim, Donna Gibbs, pulled out into the path of the truck as she attempted to make a left turn. The truck then hit a Jeep. The three children riding with Gibbs, two of them are age 7 and the other is age 6, sustained serious injuries. One of the girls has a brain bleed. The Jeep driver sustained minor injuries, and the trucker was not hurt.

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