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11 Killed in Tractor-Trailer Accident Involving 15-Passenger Van

A devastating semi-truck crash has claimed the lives of 11 people—9 of them from the same family. The tractor-trailer accident occurred early Friday when the truck drove across a median on Interstate 65 and struck the van in a head-on collision.

Killed in the Kentucky truck accident, now being called the state’s deadliest traffic collision in two decades, were tractor-trailer driver Ken Laymon and (in the van) Mennonite minister John Eshe, his wife Sadie, their daughters Anna, Rose, and Rachel, their son Leroy, daughter-in-law (and Leroy's wife) Naomi, 2-month-old grandson Jalen, Rachel’s fiancé Joel Gingrich, and family friend Ashley Kramer.

Two grandchildren, ages 3 and 5, survived the car wreck. However, their parents were among those that died. Jalen was their brother.

State police say that Laymon lost control of the semi-truck, which at the time was fully loaded with brake-drums for other tractor-trailers. Because the truck was so heavy, the cable barriers that divided the lanes did nothing to prevent the semi-truck from crossing over them and into oncoming traffic.

State officials claim that while its cable barriers exceed the federal guidelines when it comes to safety and strength, they are not designed to stop tractor-trailers. Last November, a cable barrier also failed during another tractor-trailer accident. Fortunately, no one has died.

National Transportation Safety Board investigators plan to determine whether Friday’s catastrophic traffic accident was an isolated incident or if there is a bigger issue related to the barriers that needs to be tackled. They also plan to interview Laymon’s family to determine what state of mind the trucker might have been in leading up to the truck accident. Laymon’s work schedule, any potential distractions he might have been dealing with, and the condition of the truck will be examined.

The NTSB only probes about 10 traffic crashes each year.

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