Posted On: February 24, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Chicago, Illinois Truck Crashes Can Cause Injuries to Truckers Too

Our Chicago, Illinois truck accident law firm represents persons injured in semi-truck crashes, garbage truck collisions, 18-wheeler truck accidents, and other large truck crashes that were caused by another parties’ negligence. In many cases, the victims of truck collisions are pedestrians, motorcyclists and the occupants of the other vehicles, and the liable party is a negligent trucker or trucking company.

However, truck drivers aren’t always the ones responsible for causing large truck accidents. Truckers can be accident victims too.

For example, just last week, five semi-trucks were involved in a collision on Interstate 29. According to police, semi-truck driver Karl Krueger rear-ended the semi operated by Charles M. Sundt, causing a chain reaction with the other large trucks.

Sundt, 62, was injured in the large truck crash and was transported to a hospital. Krueger, also 62, died from his truck accident injuries. The other two truck drivers did not get hurt.

Truckers have to exercise due care to prevent themselves from getting involved in a traffic crash. However, there are those accidents are completely beyond a truck driver’s control, such as when a Chicago truck collision is caused by a negligent motorcyclist, car driver, pedestrian, or another party.

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At the Law Offices of Steven J. Malman & Associates, we are determined to do everything in our power to help our Illinois truck crash victims obtain their financial recovery. We have gone up against large trucking companies on behalf of our clients and won.

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