Posted On: January 5, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Trucker Injured by Flatbed Truck Settles Truck Crash Lawsuit for $2.5 Million

A driver who sustained traumatic brain injuries during a work accident has settled his truck crash claim for $2.5 million. The truck accident lawsuit against the other truck driver’s employer was settled after mediation.

The truck driver plaintiff got hurt in September 2005 after his delivery truck broke down. He drove his vehicle off US Route 50 and parked it past the entrance of a business.

The truck driver was working in his vehicle and waiting for help when a flatbed truck drove off the business’s premise, striking the worker’s truck. The worker fell from his truck’s console and his head struck the windshield.

The work accident exacerbated the truck driver’s Chiari Malformations, a pre-existing neurological condition, and he started experiencing facial numbness, serious headaches, swallowing problems, vision problems, ringing in the ears, speech problems, and confusion. He developed post-traumatic lumbar disc disease and sustained herniated discs.

The trucker eventually had to undergo emergency surgery for his brain anomaly. The procedure proved unsuccessful and he had three more surgeries.

According to the plaintiff’s injury attorney, the defendant attempted to blame the truck driver for parking his truck close to the business entrance, neglecting to inform the defendant about the truck breakdown, and neglecting to set up a reflective triangle. says that the injured truck driver, whose initial workers’ compensation claim over his work injuries was denied, will now also receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Truck drivers can get injured on the job. Not only are they likely entitled to Illinois workers’ compensation benefits, but they may be able to obtain Chicago personal injury recovery from liable third parties.

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