Posted On: December 31, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Mother and Young Daughter Seek Illinois Tractor-Trailer Accident Compensation

Cari Kleinschmidt is seeking compensation for serious personal injuries that she and her daughter sustained during an Illinois truck accident involving multiple motor vehicles. Kleinschmidt is suing Nicolae Valeanu, James Group International II, Challenger Motor Freight, James Group International, Motor City Express Inc., and James Group Midwest for over $200,000.

According to her Illinois tractor-trailer complaint, Cari and Tessa were stopped in the middle of traffic on Interstate 270 when truck driver Valeanu hit the auto next to them. That vehicle then hit Cari’s car, which went on to rear-end another 18-wheeler truck.

Cari is accusing the defendants of negligence, including allowing the large truck to be driven without a proper lookout and at a rate of speed that was excessive. She also is accusing the trucker of not yielding to the autos ahead of him and failing to slow down so he wouldn’t cause a truck crash.

Illinois Truck Accident Cases
Mental and emotional trauma, along with serious physical injuries, can impair a truck crash victim for years if not for life—especially when there is more than one large truck involved in the collision.

Determining Illinois personal injury liability can be tough unless you have legal representation. Truck records and evidence must be examined and key witnesses must be interviewed. Accident reconstructionists and medical experts must be retained to prove your case and the extent of injuries. There may be grounds for suing multiple parties even if some of them were not directly involved in the actual truck crash.

Tractor trailer caused multi-vehicle accident, suit claims, The Record, December 29, 2009

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