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NHTSA Reports 136 Fatal Illinois Large Truck Crashes for 2008

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 136 of the the fatal Illinois traffic crashes that occurred last year were large truck accidents. As far as our Chicago truck crash law firm is concerned, this number are still too high and more should be done to prevent Illinois truck collisions from occurring.

More 2008 NHTSA Truck Crash Facts:

• There were 380,000 large truck crush accidents throughout the US last year.
• 4,066 of these truck collisions resulted in fatalities. That’s one out of nine traffic deaths.
• 4,229 large truck crash fatalities.
• 90,000 large truck crash injuries.
• 74% of the people killed in large truck crashes were riding in the other vehicles that were involved.
• 26% were riding in the large trucks.
• 3% were not riding in vehicles when the fatal large truck crash happened.
• Large trucks have a greater chance of being involved in deadly multi-vehicle collisions than passenger vehicles do.
• In 50% of large truck crashes involving another vehicle, both autos were going straight when the fatal collision happened.
• Most deadly large truck crashes happen in rural areas, in daylight, and during the week.
• Drunk truck drivers: There was a 2% increase from 2007 in the number of truckers driving with a BAC of .08% or more.
• 24% of large truck drivers involved in deadly accidents had at least one previous conviction for speeding.

If you were injured in an Illinois truck crash in Cook County, Will County, Lake County, or DuPage County, do not hesitate to contact our Chicago truck accident law firm for your free case evaluation.

Truck accidents involving tractor-trailer trucks, 18-wheeler trucks, garbage trucks, semi-trucks, delivery trucks, and other large trucks can result in traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, organ damage, burn injuries, and death.

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