Posted On: October 22, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Jury Awards $49 Million Truck Accident Lawsuit for Traumatic Brain Injury

A jury has awarded a former college student $49 million for the traumatic brain injury he sustained during a 2007 truck crash involving two tractor-trailers. Drew Bianchi, then 21, was on his way to a camping trip when he was struck by one of the large trucks after the two other vehicles collided. Because of the injuries he sustained from the catastrophic truck accident, Bianchi now requires round-the-clock medical care.

The jury found Samuel Bimbela, the driver of the truck that struck Bianchi, 60% liable. It found the other truck driver, Michael Demma, and Gordon Trucking 35% liable. It also found the state of California 5% liable.

Bianchi was awarded $27.6 million for future medical costs, $3.4 million for past medical bills, $13.5 million for general damages, and $4.5 million for future lost wages.

The transportation department for the state settled with Bianchi for $10 million. Salazar Equipment, Salazar Construction, and Salazar Trucking settled for $2 million.

Traumatic Brain Injuries
Traumatic brain injuries can seriously impair a person’s ability to live a normal, independent life. A TBI patient may not be able to hold a job, sustain healthy relationships with a spouse or children, take part in normal, daily activities, or enjoy the daily, regular experiences that everyone else gets to take part in. Loved ones and friends also experience the loss of the person as he or she was prior to the injury accident.

TBI’s are one of the common kinds of catastrophic injuries a truck accident victim can sustain during a serious truck crash. In Illinois, an experienced Chicago truck crash lawyer can make sure that all negligent parties are held liable.

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