Posted On: September 4, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

$18 Million Truck Accident Award Issued to Man with Traumatic Brain Injury from Tractor-Trailer Pileup

A man who was left permanently disabled in a deadly truck accident that claimed the lives of three people and injured 14 others on July 15, 2008 has been awarded $18 million. The judge issued the award to 53-year-old Mark Tiburzi and his wife against Holmes Transport Inc. and trucker Jeffrey D. Knight.

According to prosecutors, the deadly truck accident happened while Knight was reaching for his cell phone. The 49-year-old truck driver is charged with involuntary manslaughter related to the tragic highway collision. He is also accused of violating truck driver regulations by driving his tractor-trailer beyond the maximum number of hours allowed during any 8-day period.

Tiburzi's car was T-boned by the large truck. His Toyota Camry remained stuck in the front of the truck, while the larger vehicle crashed into the other autos involved in the tractor-trailer crash.

Tiburzi, a former district sales manager for a shoe company, sustained a severe traumatic brain injury, and he can no longer talk or walk. He lives in a nursing home. The judge awarded him $13.8 million and Tiburzi's wife $4.2 million.

At least two other truck accident lawsuits have been filed against the trucking company and Knight over the deadly pileup. The catastrophic truck crash occurred on Highway 40 close to Interstate 270.

Previously, our Chicago truck accident law firm reported on how texting while driving a large truck increases a trucker's crash risk by 23 times. We also want to note that any activity that causes a truck driver to take his or her eyes off the road increases the chances of a large truck accident occurring.

It makes absolutely no sense to cause serious injury or death to another because a motorist had to make a phone call, check an email, send a text message to someone, post an update on Facebook, or send out a Twitter notice. Distracted driving can be grounds for a Chicago truck crash lawsuit if someone gets hurt or dies.

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