Posted On: July 16, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Semi-Truck – Bus Accident Injures 18 People

18 people were injured on Monday when a semi-truck rear-ended a charter bus. The large truck-bus collision caused the bus to skid out of control and overturn. It then caught on fire.

The bus was transporting 20 Manhattan Job Corps students. 15 students, the bus driver, and one infant were taken to local hospitals. One of the bus accident victims was reportedly in serious condition.

Getting hit by a large truck places the occupants of the other vehicle at serious risk of personal injuries. If you are riding in charter bus, which often don’t come with seat belts, you could easily get thrown from your seat during a collision with a tractor-trailer. It is not uncommon to sustain a traumatic brain injury, a serious head injury, or a spinal cord injury in this kind of scenario. The best way to make sure that you receive all of the Illinois personal injury compensation that you are owed is to contact an experienced Chicago truck accident law firm.

Just last month, 9 people died when a tractor-trailer drove into a line of cars stopped at a turnpike. Dead bodies, fluids, and debris were scattered on the road. Emergency crew workers were at the track crash site for hours sifting through the wreckage in search of more truck crash victims. One car was under the semi-truck. Some victims had to wait several hours before rescuers could free them.

One child and eight adults died from this multi-vehicle truck collision. At least four other people sustained injuries.

According to investigators, semi-truck driver Donald Creed, 76, may not have tried to stop his truck to prevent the deadly chain-reaction accident from happening. The speed limit on the road where the accident occurred is 75 mph.

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