Posted On: July 13, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Family Settles Truck Accident Lawsuit for $16 Million

The family of a woman that was crushed in a tractor-trailer accident has agreed to settle their wrongful death lawsuit for $16 million. Rhonda Henson died on September 11, 2008, when oil field equipment fell of a tractor-trailer, crushing her motor vehicle.

Police say that the truck driver, Daniel Armstrong, failed to regulate his speed. They also say the truck’s load was not secured correctly. Investigation by the plaintiff revealed that the 21-year-old trucker was not legally qualified to operate the truck and that some of his truck driver qualification documents were falsified, fabricated, or backdated by trucking company employees after the tragic accident.

Pioneer Drilling Co., the wrongful death defendant in the case, settled with the plaintiffs before the jury issued a verdict. Pioneer Drilling Services, Ltd., owned and operated the 18-wheeler truck that involved in the deadly truck load accident with Henson’s motor vehicle.The defendants in the truck accident case were Henson’s parents, husband, and children.

Improper Truck Loads
Improper truck loads are a common cause of 18-wheeler truck crashes. A load becomes hazardous to other motorists and pedestrians when it is not properly secured, overweight, or not properly balanced. An improperly balanced load can make it harder for a truck driver to steer, slow down, or stop the truck.

Truckers must make sure that the loads that their trucks are carrying are secured properly. In the event that thousands of pounds of heavy cargo drops onto the road or falls onto another vehicle, serious injury accidents can happen.

Complex issues can be involved with Chicago truck accidents that were caused by improper loads.

Conflicting testimony leads to $16 million settlement, Cleburne Times-Review, July 10, 2009

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