Posted On: September 7, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

$1.5 Million Illinois Semi-Truck Accident Settlement Reached Over Tow Truck Driver’s Wrongful Death

The family of William B. Waite has reached a $1.5 million Illinois truck accident settlement with Double D Express and Spring Valley trucker Mark D. Boehm. Waite, a 49-year-old tow truck driver, died on June 23, 2008 after he was struck by the semi that Boehm was driving.

At the time, Waite and another man, Christian Henninger, were helping a tractor-trailer that had broken down on Interstate 80 close to Utica. That is when Boehm’s large truck hit them from behind. The truck driver told police that he was changing radio stations when the catastrophic Illinois truck collision occurred.

The family’s Chicago truck accident lawyer says that they chose to settle because they didn’t want to bankrupt Double D Express and add to unemployment in the area. He claims that the company failed to buy adequate liability insurance—a statement that the defendant disputes.

Earlier this year, Double D Express settled its Illinois semi-truck crash lawsuit with Henninger for $3 million. Henninger broke his vertebrae and sustained spleen and liver lacerations during the accident.

Distracted Driving
Seemingly harmless activities such as selecting a new playlist on the iPod that’s hooked up to the vehicle, conducting a MapQuest search on a PDA to get the right directions, calling a friend to let them know you are running late, or putting on makeup while the traffic light is red can turn into dangerous actions when they contribute to causing a catastrophic Chicago, Illinois tractor-trailer accident. You may even have grounds for a Chicago wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit.

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