Posted On: August 27, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Woman Files $150,000 Illinois Truck Accident Lawsuit Against Towing Company and Driver

Lisa Going is blaming Mike Hahne Towing and tow truck driver John Claus Jr. for the IIllinois tow truck crash injuries she sustained on October 2, 2004. She is seeking over $150,000 plus costs from the defendants.

According to Going’s Illinois truck collision complaint, Claus Jr., who was driving a 1987 Ford FSR, rear-ended her in Glen Carbon on Route 159 at around 8:12 in the morning. She contends that Claus failed to keep a proper lookout, did not keep his truck under proper control, failed to swerve or stop to avoid the collision, neglected to obey a traffic control device, and drove too fast. Going also says that Kathy and Michael Hahne caused the truck crash through Claus and that they should never have let him drive because they knew he was not capable of properly operating the tow truck.

Going says that as a result of her truck accident injuries, she experienced discomfort, pain, has been physically restricted and limited, incurred medical expenses, and lost income.

Chicago, Illinois Tow Truck Accidents
Pedestrians and the occupants of vehicles involved with any kind of large truck are at a huge disadvantage and often at high risk of sustaining painful injuries. In Chicago truck crash cases involving a negligent truck driver, it is not uncommon for an injury victim to also seek damages from the trucker’s employer and other liable parties.

The best way to determine whether you have grounds for a Chicago truck accident case is to explore your legal options with an experienced Chicago injury law firm that handles truck collision claims and lawsuits.

Towing company and driver blamed in rear-end accident , August 27, 2010

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