Posted On: August 9, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Illinois Tractor-Trailer Accidents Cause Two Fatalities on I-70

Two people are dead and two others are injured in separate Illinois tractor-trailer crashes that took place on Interstate 70 close to Highland this morning. In one Illinois semi-trailer crash, the trucker sustained minor injuries in an accident involving the large truck losing its cargo of food.

Not long after, another Illinois big rig accident involving three semi-trucks and a pickup truck claimed the lives of two of the people who were in the large trucks that caught fire. In yet another Illinois semi-truck crash on I-70 today, a motorcyclist suffered minor injuries after he rear-ended a tractor-trailer.

Catastrophic truck crashes claim too many lives each year. In many cases, it the trucker who is at fault. There are, however, also tractor-trailer crashes that were caused by the other motorists involved or other parties. There also may be more than one liable party.

For example, in a recent Missouri tractor-trailer accident that made national headlines, two people were killed and dozens were transported to the hospital after a tractor-trailer, two school buses, and a pickup truck collided with each other on Thursday morning on Interstate 44. The cause of the traffic crash is still under investigation.

According to police, the pickup truck rear-ended the tractor-trailer. One of the school buses then rear-ended the pickup truck, which was then struck from the rear by the other bus. The pickup truck driver and a girl riding the school bus died from their injuries.

Crashes prompt I-70's closure in southwestern Ill., Chicago Tribune, August 9, 2010

Girl, truck driver killed in Missouri bus crash, up to 50 injured in tragic end to camp field trip, NY Daily News, August 5, 2010

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