Posted On: August 1, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Fifth Truck Accident Lawsuit Filed Against Trucker Over 2008 Accident

Another truck accident victim is seeking personal injury recovery from trucker Jose Alberto Sarmiento and trucking company Spartan Logistics LLC over a deadly collision involving multiple vehicles that occurred on Interstate 81 in 2008. In this latest tractor-trailer crash lawsuit, William Morgan is seeking $500,000 for his permanent and serious injuries and the damages that his vehicle sustained.

Morgan contends that as a result of his injuries, he continues to experience “great pain” and cannot properly see to his personal and business affairs. He is accusing Sarmiento of operating his truck in a careless, negligent, and reckless manner.

Four other civil lawsuits have been filed over the deadly semi-truck collision. Earlier this year, the family of siblings Ivan Ryman, 4, and Maggie Ryman, 1, sued the trucker and his trucking company for wrongful deaths, as well as for the wrongful death of their grandmother Cordula Elma Lear, 80. The mother of the two children, 40-year-old Serena Vera Lear Ryman, is seeking damages for personal injury. She was driving the car that all of them were in at the time of the deadly truck accident. Separate jury trials for each case are scheduled.

Sarmiento, who admitted to three counts of reckless driving, was ordered to pay a fine and received a suspended jail term.

Lawsuit filed in accident on I-81,, July 29, 2010

Bond Set for Sarmiento, WHSV, December 2, 2008

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