Posted On: July 15, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Third Person Dies from Illinois Semi-Tractor Crash on Interstate 74

The only passenger of a Toyota Camry to survive a catastrophic Illinois traffic crash with a semi-tractor on Interstate 74 on July 8 has died. Mansfield resident Brittany Pritts was pronounced dead at an Urbana hospital on Tuesday. She had just turned 21 on the day of the Illinois truck accident.

Pritts was riding in the Camry driven by St. Joseph resident Mark Sjuts, when the Illinois truck crash happened. Sjuts, 52, and his son Chason Coty Sjuts, 23, were pronounced dead at the crash site. Pitts and Chason were dating.

Per Illinois State Police, the deadly Illinois semi-tractor accident happened when the Camry went off the road, drove through the median, and crashed with the semi-tractor trailer. The car ended up pushed back between the semi-truck and the median.

Police are trying to determine the cause of the truck accident. The Vermilion County Coroner’s Office says that the Camry may have hydroplaned because rain had left water on the road.

Chicago, Illinois Semi-Tractor Accidents
Chicago semi tractor trailer accidents can happen for many reasons. Truck driver error, driver negligence on the part of the person driving the other vehicle involved, defective auto parts, faulty maintenance, truck overload, poorly designed roads, road debris, and poor weather conditions, are just some reasons why truck accidents happened.

You may be able to pursue Chicago truck accident recovery from the parties responsible for causing your injuries or the wrongful death of your loved on. Truck accidents can lead to devastating injuries and ruined lives.

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