Posted On: July 23, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Illinois Truck Accident is Third Crash on I-57 in Last 10 Days

An Illinois truck crash on I-57 has left one man in serious condition. The traffic collusion occurred when a construction truck rear-ended a semi-tractor carrying compressed hydrogen gas canisters. According to Illinois State Police, this is the third Illinois motor vehicle crash in the last 10 days.

Our Chicago truck accident lawyers know how important it is to start gathering and preserving evidence immediately after a serious collision. Not only do we work with accident reconstruction experts who know how to determine exactly what happened, but we have the experience and dedication to do the job our clients hire us to do right. We even have a doctor on staff that can evaluate your injuries, treatment costs, and any future care that you will likely require.

Chicago, Illinois truck accidents are complex cases to pursue and the injuries resulting from them can be quite serious and expensive. Unfortunately, catastrophic truck crashes happen on a regular basis.

Just this Tuesday, Olympic rowing champion James Cracknell bruised his brain and sustained a gash to the back of his head when he was injured during a truck accident. Cracknell was thrown off his bicycle. Fortunately, he was using a crash helmet.

Whether the negligent party is the truck driver, another motorist, a trucking company, the entity responsible for maintaining a road and keeping it free of road defects or debris, or the manufacturer of a defective vehicle or auto part, it is important that you are represented by a Chicago truck accident law firm that will fight for your right to financial recovery while protecting your legal rights.

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