Posted On: June 10, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Trucker in Deadly Semi-Truck Crash That Killed Two Was Likely Not Wearing Glasses

Police are now saying that the truck driver that crashed his semi-trailer into two cars and another semi-trailer that was transporting bees on May 24 was likely not wearing his required glasses. However, they have made it clear that their investigation is far from over.

The deadly semi-truck crash occurred on the morning of May 24 on Interstate 35 in Lakeville. Killed in the multi-vehicle collision were the drivers of the two cars that were crushed between the two large trucks. 24-year-old Kari Rasmussen was airlifted to a hospital where she later died, while 50-year-old Pamela Brinkhaus was pronounced dead at the truck accident site. The collision also let loose a cloud of bees that had escaped from beehives and emergency workers had to use fire hoses to fight them off. Firefighters were stung in the process.

Jason Styrbicky, who is accused of causing the semi-truck crash, was not wearing contact lenses or glasses when police officers arrived at the accident site. They also weren’t in his food service truck. The 36-year-old trucker reportedly told investigators that he was in the process of grabbing his beverage when the deadly truck collision happened and he wasn’t looking at the road.

Truckers must be able to see the road properly and they cannot afford to be distracted. With their heavy cargo and the huge vehicle that they are driving, a truck driver who cannot visually assess distances or is looking at anywhere but the traffic around him/her can cause catastrophic crashes that can lead to injuries or deaths.

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Rescuers battle bees at deadly I-35 pileup: One truck carried millions of bees, and firefighters fought them with hoses to reach the victims. The State Patrol has identified both car drivers killed in the crash, DailyMe, May 25, 2010

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