Posted On: April 30, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

One Person Dead in Illinois 18-Wheeler Truck Crash Involving Passenger Truck

A head-on Illinois truck crash involving a semi-truck and a passenger truck has left one person dead and another injured. The fatal Hardin County truck collision occurred on the morning of April 23 along US Route 34. Another semi-truck may also have been involved in the truck accident.

According to Illinois State Police, 65-year-old passenger truck driver Charles Littrell allegedly tried to pass a semi-truck that was in front of him when his vehicle drove over the median and into the opposite lane. His vehicle then crashed head-on into another 18-wheeler truck, which was being driven by Robert Simmons, age 62.

Littrell, who sustained serious truck crash injuries, died at the crash site. Simmons was taken to Evansville Hospital for treatment of his injuries. One of the semi-trucks was transporting coal, which spilled onto the road.

18-Wheeler Truck Accidents
If you were involved in an Illinois semi-truck crash, our Chicago truck accident law firm would like to offer you a free consultation. Proving liability in trucking collisions can be much more challenging than obtaining damages through an Illinois car crash lawsuit. There may be multiple parties involved, such as a trucking company, its insurer, the shipper, the truck driver, the truck manufacturer, another motorist, or others.

It is usually the passengers of smaller vehicles that are involved in large truck collisions that will likely have sustained the more serious injuries. Some semi-trucks may weigh up to 80,000 pounds—depending on their cargo. Compare a tractor-trailer’s size and cargo weight to a 3,000-pound passenger vehicle and it is not difficult to understand why it is pedestrians and the other vehicles’ occupants that are at higher risk of getting hurt.

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