Posted On: April 30, 2010

One Person Dead in Illinois 18-Wheeler Truck Crash Involving Passenger Truck

A head-on Illinois truck crash involving a semi-truck and a passenger truck has left one person dead and another injured. The fatal Hardin County truck collision occurred on the morning of April 23 along US Route 34. Another semi-truck may also have been involved in the truck accident.

According to Illinois State Police, 65-year-old passenger truck driver Charles Littrell allegedly tried to pass a semi-truck that was in front of him when his vehicle drove over the median and into the opposite lane. His vehicle then crashed head-on into another 18-wheeler truck, which was being driven by Robert Simmons, age 62.

Littrell, who sustained serious truck crash injuries, died at the crash site. Simmons was taken to Evansville Hospital for treatment of his injuries. One of the semi-trucks was transporting coal, which spilled onto the road.

18-Wheeler Truck Accidents
If you were involved in an Illinois semi-truck crash, our Chicago truck accident law firm would like to offer you a free consultation. Proving liability in trucking collisions can be much more challenging than obtaining damages through an Illinois car crash lawsuit. There may be multiple parties involved, such as a trucking company, its insurer, the shipper, the truck driver, the truck manufacturer, another motorist, or others.

It is usually the passengers of smaller vehicles that are involved in large truck collisions that will likely have sustained the more serious injuries. Some semi-trucks may weigh up to 80,000 pounds—depending on their cargo. Compare a tractor-trailer’s size and cargo weight to a 3,000-pound passenger vehicle and it is not difficult to understand why it is pedestrians and the other vehicles’ occupants that are at higher risk of getting hurt.

Hardin County IL 18-wheeler accident: 1 killed in passenger truck vs. semi crash, JusticeNewsFlash, April 24, 2010

Head-on crash with semi kills driver in Hardin County,, April 23, 2010

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Posted On: April 28, 2010

Children of Man Killed in Truck Crash Awarded Over $1 Million for His Wrongful Death

The young children of Vashawn L. Brinson, 5-year-old Amber and 6-year-old Jeremiah, have been awarded $1,003,750 in the truck accident death of their father. Brinson died in 2007 after he was struck by a truck while crossing I-75. His body was thrown 233 feet before being hit by other vehicles.

The 30-year-old paralegal had left his overheated vehicle in the emergency lane when he crossed the road to get water for the car. He was wearing dark clothing and at 6am it was still dark when trucker Richard D. King struck him.

During the wrongful death civil trial, witness experts attempted to show jurors that King had failed to move into the inside left lane, was speeding, neglected to step on the brakes to slow down, and failed to keep a proper lookout to avoid striking Brinson. King was never ticketed over the tragic truck crash.

The jury found transportation company Landstar Ranger Inc. liable and awarded each of Brinson’s kids $1 million for mental pain and suffering and $7,500 for funeral expenses. They agreed with the defense that Brinson was 50% liable. The judge upheld the jury’s verdict.

Chicago, Illinois Truck Accidents
The death of a family member is always difficult. Not only does it mean having to live without someone you love, but also that loss may place you and the rest of your family in financial hardship. If a trucker was responsible for causing your loved one’s untimely passing, you may be able to sue them by filing a Chicago truck crash lawsuit against the driver and the trucking company that employs him/her. Damages may include compensation for the death, funeral expenses, medical bills, loss of financial support, loss of benefits, and (depending on the specifics of your case) other losses.

Judge awards 2 Lee County children more than $1 million after father killed in I-75 crash, NaplesNews, April 20, 2010

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Posted On: April 22, 2010

Lombard, Illinois Traffic Crash Involving Semi-Truck and Minivan Claims Woman’s Life

A 49-year-old woman has died after she was fatally injured in a DuPage County traffic crash involving an 18-wheeler truck and a minivan on Monday night. Pascula Hernandez-Gutierrez was pronounced dead on Tuesday morning.

According to authorities, at around 8:15 pm on Monday, a Jewel-Osco semi-truck collided with a minivan at a Lombard intersection. The driver of the van lost control and the vehicle rolled over, striking Hernandez-Gutierrez and a male pedestrian who were walking together on a sidewalk.

The pedestrians were pinned under the van and bystanders helped lift the vehicle off the two of them. The victims were transported to a Downers Grove hospital for treatment of their serious injuries. The minivan’s driver was treated at the same hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

Chicago Truck Accidents

Proving liability in a traffic crash can be tough unless you have legal help. An experienced Chicago, Illinois truck crash law firm can determine whether you should pursue a claim against a trucking company and truck driver and/or if there are other parties that should be held liable.

Our DuPage County truck collision lawyers know how devastating it can be to live with catastrophic injuries or the loss of a loved one because another party was negligent, careless, or reckless. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be able to obtain Illinois motor vehicle crash compensation for injuries, pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, wrongful death, loss of benefits, property damage, funeral costs, cremation, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and other damages.

Lombard IL 18-wheeler accident: Pedestrian pinned under van after collision, Justice News Flash, April 20, 2010

Woman struck by minivan in Lombard dies, Sun-Times, April 20, 2010

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Posted On: April 20, 2010

Joliet, Illinois Semi-Truck Crash Causes Injury

A Joliet semi-trailer crash involving two large trucks has one trucker to the hospital. The Will County semi-truck accident happened on April 9 on Interstate 80.

According to police, the rear-end truck crash happened because a bobtail did not slow down with the rest of traffic, rear-ending another semi-truck that was pulling a trailer. The driver of the bobtail sustained a broken femur. He was also cited for failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident. Two other people who were involved in the truck crash denied medical help.

Chicago, Illinois Truck Accidents
If you were injured in an Illinois semi-truck crash that you believe was caused by the truck driver, you should speak with an experience Chicago truck crash law firm right away. Trucking companies are experts when it comes to minimizing liability and it is important that you document the evidence and get someone immediately working on your case. Do NOT settle with a trucking company’s insurer until you’ve explored all legal options.

Chicago truck crashes can lead to serious injuries. In some cases, symptoms of an injury may not appear. In other cases, the physical repercussions are immediate. Traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, internal injuries, paralysis, crashed bones, amputated limbs, and other serious injuries can result.

Truckers are also at risk of becoming injury victims during an Illinois truck crash. It is important that you explore your legal options.

One hurt in as two semis collide on I-80, Suburban Chicago News, April 10, 2010

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Posted On: April 15, 2010

Illinois Dump Truck Accident Near Grove Kills Two North Aurora Teenagers

Two North Aurora teens have died from injuries they sustained in a Kane County truck crash on Highway 47 north of Sugar Grove. The dump truck driver, a 32-year-old Plainfield man, sustained nonfatal injuries.

The accident occurred on Wednesday afternoon near Waubonsee Community College. The car transporting the teens was turning into the Waubonsee entrance when they were struck by a garbage truck that was unable to stop in time.

Killed in the Illinois truck crash were the car driver, 18-year-old Ryan Sherrod, and 19-year-old Brandon Utley. The two of them were best friends.

An investigation into the cause of the truck collision is taking place. So far, no tickets have been issued.

The dump truck involved in the collision belongs to Allied Waste Services in Aurora.

Chicago, Illinois Truck Accidents
It is important that you contact a Chicago truck crash lawyer about your case immediately. There is evidence to preserve and witnesses to interrogate and it is best to do this sooner rather than later.

Determining liability in any traffic crash can be challenging, so it is important that you retain the services of a Cook County injury law firm that knows how to successfully pursue truck crash cases. There may be more than one party who should be held liable for your Chicago personal injuries.

For example, if a vehicle defect contributed causing the truck crash, you may be able to sue the automaker for products liability. If the traffic crash happened because a road was poorly designed and there should be a traffic light at the intersection where the collision occurred, you may be able to file a claim against the city.

2 teens killed in car-truck crash near Waubonsee Community College, Chicago Tribune, April 14, 2010

Two killed in crash outside Waubonsee college, Daily Herald, April 14, 2010

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Posted On: April 13, 2010

Dump Truck Driver Arrested on Suspicion of Drugged Driving Following Truck Crash that Killed Four Motorcyclists

Police have arrested Michael Jakscht on suspicion of driving under the influence of methamphetamines during a dump truck crash on March 25 that killed four motorcyclists and injured five others. Criminal charges against the 46-year-old trucker include seven counts of endangerment, five counts of aggravated assault, and four counts of manslaughter. More charges may be brought against the him.

Killed in the dump truck accident were riders Dayle Veronica Downs-Totonchi, 47, Clyde R. Nachand, 67, Daniel L. Butler, 35, and Stephen Punch, 52. One of the riders who survived the truck crash, Phoenix Fire Capt. Ernie Lizarraga sustained head injuries. He was admitted to the hospital in serious condition. Another rider who survived the wreck, Jason Anania, bruised his back, shattered his leg, and hurt his shoulder.

According to, the riders, who were sitting at a stoplight, were dragged at least 50 yards after they were rear-ended by the dump truck. Three of the motorcyclists ended up trapped under the truck.

Jakscht sustained minor injuries. According to USA Today, one woman who rushed to the accident site says that he told her that he had been doing paperwork when the truck accident happened. Police have not confirmed that the trucker ever said this.

The dump truck driver had received a citation in 2005 for operating a truck with excess weight. In 2006, he was cited for having accessories or parts operating in an improper or unsafe condition. Last year Jakscht was cited for failing to inspect emergency equipment, not conducting a pre-trip inspection, and lack of a fire extinguisher. He also has two speeding tickets that have not yet been resolved.

Chicago, Illinois Dump Truck Accidents
It is important that you contact a Chicago truck accident law firm as soon as possible to explore your legal options. In the event that you have a truck crash case on your hands, your Cook County injury attorney can begin working with experts to preserve and examine the evidence.

Dump-truck driver arrested in fatalities, The Arizona Republic, April 7, 2010

Driver in fatal motorcycle wreck arrested, victim speaks out,, April 8, 2010
Two Arizonans, La. man killed in truck-motorcycle crash, USA Today, March 26, 2010

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Posted On: April 9, 2010

Family Sues Towing Company for Chicago Personal Injury After Truck Attempts to Tow Vehicle with Girl Still Inside

The family of Yessina Cruz is suing Tuff Car Co. Inc. for Chicago personal injury involving injuries to a minor. Cruz was injured in 2009 after one of the towing company’s trucks tried to tow away the pickup truck that she was sitting in.

Cruz had just returned home after undergoing an appendectomy. Because she wasn’t feeling well, she remained in the backseat of her dad’s 1993 Ford F-150, which was parked outside their Cicero residence.

The driver of the tow truck saw the pickup and took steps to impound it. Even though the young girl was visible inside the pickup, the Chicago injury lawsuit claims that the truck driver did not check inside the vehicle.

As the truck driver attempted to tow the pickup, Yessina opened the back door and fell out while trying to escape. According to the Chicago injuries to minor complaint, the fall accident caused her stitches to tear. She ended up having to spend days in the hospital and undergo additional medical treatments.

The Chicago personal injury lawsuit is seeking over $50,000 for Yessina’s physical injuries, emotional suffering, and mental trauma.

Chicago Truck Accident Lawsuit
If you’ve been hurt in any kind of Cook County injury accident involving a truck, you should consult with a Chicago truck crash law firm. Illinois injury lawsuits involving trucks are different from other kinds of motor vehicle complaints, and you will want to be represented by someone who knows how to successfully pursue your financial recovery.

Suit says truck was towed with ill child inside, Chicago Breaking News, April 8, 2010

Family sues tow truck co. over injuries, UPI, April 9, 2010

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