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Cook County, Illinois Truck Accident Victim Awarded $10 million

A 52-year-old Tinley Park man was awarded $10 million for his Cook County semi-truck accident injuries. Bruce McIntosh sustained herniated discs in his neck and back when a large truck struck his auto in September 2008.

The catastrophic Cook County tractor-trailer accident happened when the driver of the large truck did not stop at a stop sign, broadsiding McIntosh’s vehicle. The plaintiffs of the Cook County, Illinois truck accident complaint are the trucker and Rehmat Trucking Inc.

Herniated Discs
A herniated disc usually involves a fragment of the disc nucleus that has slipped into the spinal canal through a rupture or tear. They can happen in any area of the spine. Symptoms depend on where the disc is located and the size of herniation. While most herniated discs don’t require surgery, there are people whose symptoms are so severe that they may experience severe pain and even become incapacitated unless treatment is administered. Spinal surgery, which may involve a laminectomy, discectomy, laminotomy, or spinal fusion, may even be warranted if the patient experiences:

• Pain that impairs normal activity
• Neurological problems, such as numbness or weakness
• Loss of normal bladder or bowel functions
• Problems walking or standing

Following the procedure, rehabilitation, physical therapy, pain medications, and more time off work might be required to recover.

Chicago, Illinois truck crashes can cause victims to sustain traumatic brain injuries, back injuries, spinal cord injuries, neck injuries, head injuries, back injuries, and other serious injuries. In many cases, truck crash victims cannot afford to cover the costs of medical expenses and rehabilitation without help. This is one reason to hold negligent trucking companies and any other parties that are responsible for your Chicago personal injuries liable.

Tinley Park man awarded $10 million after crash, Chicago Sun-Times, March 12, 2010

Herniated Disc, Neurosurgery Today

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