Posted On: February 12, 2010 by Steven J. Malman

Icy Roads Can Increase the Risk of Chicago, Illinois Truck Accidents

Large truck drivers and other motorists must drive carefully, pay attention to the roads and traffic, and obey traffic signals at all times. They must also adjust their driving to the road conditions.

During the winter, wet and frozen roads are inevitable when rain or snow falls over Chicago. It is important for truck drivers to adjust their driving so that they don’t cause any Chicago, Illinois truck crashes.

The other day, 29-year-old Joshua McKinley sustained facial injuries when the van he was driving collided with a semi-truck driven by 49-year-old Timothy May. The trucker sustained minor injuries and was treated at the crash site. Snow and ice may have contributed to the large truck crash.

Ways to avoid causing an Illinois truck rash when the roads are icy:

• Brake gently.
• Slow down so that there are at least three car lengths between you and the vehicle in front of you.
• Don’t drive on cruise control.
• Activate your headlights.
• Look out for black ice.
• Wear a seatbelt.
• Don’t drive drunk.
• Don’t text or talk on the cell phone.

If your vehicle skids on ice or snow, release your foot from the accelerator and steer your vehicle in the right direction.

Proving liability in any kind of Chicago, Illinois motor vehicle crash is challenging. It is even more difficult when you attempt to pursue recovery from a trucking company.

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The best way to increase your chances of maximum recovery is to legal help. Please contact our Chicago, Illinois truck accident law firm today.

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