Posted On: September 16, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Illinois Truck Accident Lawsuit Sues Trucker and Two Transport Companies for Wood River Man’s Wrongful Death

The estate of David A. Jack is suing KDXpress LLC, truck driver Brian DeAngelis, and Diamond Rental Inc. for Jack’s Illinois tractor-trailer death. He died in November 2008 at the truck accident site.

Per the Madison County, Illinois wrongful death lawsuit, DeAngelis neglected to keep a proper lookout, did not reduce speed to avoid becoming involved in a truck accident, and was traveling at an unsafe speed considering the road conditions when his 2007 International Harvester tractor-trailer rear-ended the 2007 Chevrolet Impala that Jack was driving on I-57.

As a result of the deadly Illinois truck accident, Jack’s vehicle was pushed across the median into the path of two other vehicles, which resulted in another Illinois auto accident.

His estate is seeking over $50,000 from each defendant. Jack’s estate says the truck driver was acting as an employee of KDXpress when the Madison County, Illinois truck crash happened. Diamond Rental owned the large truck that DeAngelis was operating.

According to analysis put forward in 2008 by DriveCam Inc., rear-end collisions are one of the most common claims received by the majority of fleet operations. The analysis of seven million collisions showed that vehicles keeping a less than two second following distance are at higher risk of becoming involved in rear-end crashes. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration even noted, based on its “Rear-end Large Truck Crashes” study, that truck-struck and truck-striking crashes make up 18% of all large truck accidents that occur every year.

DriveCam reported that many rear-end accidents involve the lead vehicle changing its speed or an interruption in the flow of traffic. The farthest right lane also appeared to be the lane where rear-end crashes were most likely to occur.

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