Posted On: September 23, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Illinois Tractor-Trailer Accident Lawsuit Accuses Trucker of Running Him Off Interstate 55

In St. Clair County, Lawrence Butler is seeking a $100,000 maximum judgment and other relief over injuries he sustained during an Illinois tractor-trailer accident on July 10, 2006 on Interstate 55 close to Lincoln. He is suing JB Hunt Transport, Inc. and the trucker, identified in the Illinois truck accident lawsuit as John Doe.

According to the plaintiff, Doe unexpectedly drove onto his lane. As a result, Butler says he was forced to run off the road. He sustained neck, back, and shoulder injuries, experienced physical pain, emotional trauma, anxiety, extreme soreness, and mental distress. Butler says that in addition to incurring medical bills he also lost wages because of the time off he had to take from work.

Butler is accusing John Doe of failing to stay in his lane, not keeping a proper lookout, neglecting to signal before changing lanes, driving too fast, and not reducing his speed so that a truck accident wouldn’t result.

Swerving unexpectedly into another lane can lead to serious injury accidents. The driver already in the lane may not have time to slow down or brake, or the vehicle entering the lane may collide into another auto, causing injury or death.

It is the responsibility of all motorists to pay attention, adjust their driving to the present traffic and road conditions, signal to indicate when they are changing lanes, and drive in a responsible manner so that the lives of others aren’t at placed at risk. Tractor-trailer drivers must especially exercise great care. The size of their vehicle can cause serious damage during any kind of Illinois truck crash.

Semi ran man off interstate, suit says, The Record, September 23, 2009

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