Posted On: August 27, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Illinois Truck Crash Lawsuit Accuses Trucker, Everest Trucking Company, and Dynamic Transit Company of Causing Personal Injuries

Theresa and Victor Berthelsdorf are suing truck driver Arlando Anderson, Everest Trucking Company, and Dynamic Transit Company for personal injury. They are seeking over $100,000 in compensatory damages.

Their Illinois truck accident claim accuses Anderson of rear-ending the Berthelsdorfs' trailer on Interstate 70 on April 26, 2008. Victor and Theresa were riding in the vehicle when the collision happened. The two of them sustained injuries and property damage.

They are accusing the truck driver of either drowsy driving or driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driving too fast, and failing to keep a proper lookout.

Truck collisions often result in serious and costly injuries for the victims. Unless you have an experienced Chicago truck accident law firm working for you, it can be a challenge to prove liability.

An experienced Chicago injury law firm will know what to do to secure the best outcome possible for your truck crash case.

Earlier this month, a jury awarded a woman who was injured in a 2006 truck crash more than $1 million for her injuries, which required that she undergo two surgeries.

Shannon Brown’s right leg was crushed after the vehicle that she and her baby were riding in was struck by a gas tanker that ran a red light. In addition to the surgeries, Brown’s right leg required 18 screws and a plate.

The sooner you contact an experienced Chicago truck accident law firm, the faster they can get someone to the crash site to begin gathering evidence and talking to witnesses while accounts of what happened are still fresh. There also will likely be documents from the trucking company and other entities that will have to be obtained to prove your case.

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