Posted On: August 19, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Accident Victim Files Illinois Pickup Truck Accident Lawsuit Over Amputation and Other Serious Injuries

In Porter County, Illinois, the family of Darla Kirn has filed a personal injury lawsuit on her behalf against a pickup truck driver and his employer. Kim sustained serious injuries on August 6 when the SUV she was a passenger in was struck by a pickup truck driven by Carl A. Walker.

The Illinois truck accident took place on US 30 and Walker reportedly struck at least six vehicles with his pickup truck. Kirn, 46, fractured her vertebrae and sustained injuries serious enough that her right hand, which was crushed and severed, had to be amputated. She also has a permanent spinal cord injury. Kim still must undergo a number of skin graft procedures and surgeries and she is staying at an Oak Lawn hospital.

Her Illinois truck accident lawsuit contends that her damages from the collision have exceeded $10 million, which is the amount that Kirn is seeking. Kirn’s son, Christopher, dislocated his knee and sustained other injuries. The lawsuit is seeking compensation for Christopher’s injuries and for her husband, Arnold, who has suffered loss of companionship because of the accident and is now responsible for his wife’s medical expenses.

The Illinois personal injury complaint names Walker, his father Charles, and the family business Walker's Specialized Logistics as the defendants. The lawsuit contends that the the truck driver was careless and reckless when he chose to drive the pickup truck even though he knew he had a history of seizures. The complaint blames the family business for letting Walker drive the truck even with his condition.

Catastrophic Injuries
A catastrophic injury not only irrevocably alters the life of the accident victim and his or her family, but they are also very costly. A person suffering from catastrophic injuries may require round-the-clock care, special equipment for disabled persons, medical devices to help him or her maintain a certain quality of life, and other services, including physical therapy and other forms of rehabilitation.

An experienced Chicago, Illinois truck crash lawyer can make sure that you receive all of the financial recovery that you are owed.

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