Posted On: July 26, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Flying Debris from Tractor-Trailer Caused Personal Injury, Claims Plaintiff of Illinois Truck Accident Lawsuit

Plaintiff Jason Boone is suing truck driver Jose Sellas and Seven Road Logistics for personal injury. In his Illinois truck accident lawsuit, Boone says his shoulder, neck, and back were hurt when flying debris hit him. Boone is seeking over $100,000 plus costs.

According to his Illinois truck accident complaint, Boone says he was driving behind the large truck driven by Sellas on August 1, 2007 when the items that the truck driver was transporting hit the overpass. This caused debris to fall onto Interstate 64 that the plaintiff was unable to avoid hitting.

Boone claims his physical injuries are a result of this truck accident, which have also led him to experience mental trauma, pain, and the impaired function of his body parts. He says his ability to do his job has been significantly affected and he has medical bills because of his injuries.

The plaintiff is suing Seven Road Logistics because Sellas was working for the company when the Illinois truck crash happened. Boone is accusing Sellas of neglecting to keep a proper lookout, driving too fast, neglecting to pay attention to signs warning about the bridge’s height, and failing to plan a truck route that factored in the tractor-trailer’s height.

Falling Debris from Trucks
It is the responsibility of the truck driver to make sure that anything loaded onto the truck is fully secured so that cargo or other debris doesn’t fall onto the road. Cargo that falls from trucks can strike other motorists and cause multi-vehicle crashes as other drivers attempt to avoid getting hit by these fallen items. Truckers must also make sure that their trucks and cargo do not hit overpasses or tunnels that might also cause debris or more concrete objects to fall onto the road or onto passing motor vehicles.

Debris from tractor-trailer causes driver's injuries, suit claims, The Record, July 23, 2009

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