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Illinois Truck Accident Lawsuit Seeks Injury Damages After Young Daughter Gets Trapped Between Two Tractor-Trailers

The mother of a young girl is suing two trucking companies for injuries to a minor sustained during an Illinois tractor-trailer crash. According to the personal injury complaint filed by Dusty McPherson, Brittany Ferris was riding in a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix driven by Robert J. Ferris Jr. on Interstate 255 on August 17, 2007 when the vehicle struck a tractor-trailer belonging to Trinity Logistics Group that was parked on the side of the road. Ferris’s vehicle was then hit by a Wood Haulers-owned tractor-trailer operated by truck driver Don Leo Dye.

The defendants in the Illinois truck accident lawsuit are Ferris, Dye, and the two trucking companies. Brittany’s mother contends that as a result of the collision, her daughter continues to experience suffering, pain, disfigurement, disability, emotional trauma, and the possibility of future harm. Her injuries have also resulted in medical expenses and loss of future income. McPherson says she is the one responsible for her daughter’s medical bills.

She is accusing Robert Ferris Jr. of improper lane use, neglecting to keep a proper lookout, and failing to keep his car on the road and under control, driving the car when it wasn’t safe, and neglecting to exercise ordinary care to avoid becoming involved in the multi-vehicle crash.

McPherson’s Illinois truck crash complaint is holding Trinity Logistics Group liable for her daughter’s injuries because one of its truck drivers parked the vehicle on the side of the road even though it was unnecessary, neglected to use ordinary care to ensure other people’s safety, the truck wasn’t carrying at least three liquid burning flames that would have allowed drivers to see the vehicle from at least 500 feet, and the vehicle was parked too close to ongoing traffic.

She is accusing truck driver Dye of driving too fast and failing to slow down, neglecting to properly control his truck, neglecting to maintain a proper look out, improper lane use, and failing to use ordinary care to prevent an Illinois truck crash. McPherson is suing Woods Hauler because Dye was work for the trucking company when his truck struck the car that her daughter was riding in.

Illinois Truck Accident Claims
Proving liability for an Illinois truck crash can be tough. This is why it is so important that you contact an experienced Chicago truck accident law firm right that can get an investigator to the truck crash site right away to examine the accident evidence. There are also likely truck maintenance records and the trucker’s logbook to examine. A good truck crash lawyer will know what to look for to prove that the trucker or trucking company was negligent.

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