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Chicago Truck Accident Law Firm: Brake and Tire Failure Are Common Causes of Truck Accidents

According to the Department of Transportation, tire failure and brake defects are two common causes of trucking accidents. These can occur because of a defect in the brakes or tires caused by the manufacturer or product designer or because of improper maintenance. They can also occur due to negligence on the part of the trucking company or the driver, such as:

• When the trucker depowers the front brakes and depends on the trailer brakes to slow or downshift the vehicle.

• Improper brake setting.

• Failure by the truck driver to conduct a pre-trip inspection of all trucking equipment, which can consist of checking brake shoes to make sure they work correctly, making sure there aren’t any loose brake components, and checking for air leaks in the brake chamber.

• Improper loading can lead to brake malfunction or overheating.

The following tire-related problems can also lead to truck accidents:

• Improper tire maintenance

• Tire defect

• Using tires that do not meet minimum DOT tread depth standards

• Using mismatched tire sizes or tires that have significantly different wear

• Combining radial and bias ties on the same axle

• Improper tire pressure

• A worn or damaged tire

• A tire with air leakage or sidewall damage

There are federal regulations and laws that the trucking industry must abide by, and truck drivers, trucking companies, and their owners can be held liable if they failed to meet these standards and someone got hurt in a truck accident. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the US Department of Transportation are responsible for regulating the trucking industry, as is each state’s department of transportation.

Our Chicago truck accident lawyers can determine if the truck driver, the truck owner, the entity or person that leased the truck, the vehicle manufacturer, the tire maker, or the truck cargo shipper or loader should be held liable for your truck accident injuries.

Trucking Accidents: Common Causes & Liability, Nolo

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