Posted On: March 17, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

Illinois Truck Accident Verdict Awards Two Couples $113,000

In the Southern District of Illinois, a jury awarded two couples $113,000 for personal injuries they sustained during a 2007 truck accident. Ken and Leslie Richardet and Eugene and Virginia Sturm had sought $1.36 million.

The two couples got hurt at the Illinois-Kentucky border in January 2007 while returning home from a vacation. Their original complaint accuses Kevin D Harrison, a Murdale True Value company truck driver, of failing to properly operate his rear breaks and doing so at a speed that was beyond what was correct and reasonable. The company has admitted liability in the case.

Truck accident victim Virginia Sturm says she had to undergo hip replacement surgery after the multi-vehicle collision left her with serious hip damage. Another victim, Leslie Richardet, says that her rotator cuff was torn during the truck accident. Murdale True Value’s defense attorney, however, disputed both women’s claims.

The jury award for each plaintiff: Virginia Sturm received $41,000; Eugene Sturm received $27,000; Leslie Richardet received $24,000; and Kenneth Richardet received $21,000.

Proving Liability in an Illinois Truck Accident Case
It is important that you retain the services of an Illinois truck accident attorney who knows how to properly pursue your motor vehicle claim or lawsuit. There are going to be truck logs to peruse through and accident evidence to examine. Your Illinois truck crash lawyer should also be familiar with the state and federal regulations that govern truck drivers.

If the trucking company’s insurance company tries to settle your case before you’ve spoken to an Illinois personal injury attorney, please know that you are within your rights to ask them to wait until you’ve sought legal counsel about your truck accident case.

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