Posted On: March 28, 2009 by Steven J. Malman

$610,000 Chicago Truck Accident Verdict Awarded to Elderly Couple

In Cook County Circuit Court, a Chicago jury says that trucking company Inland Traffic Consulting Corp must pay an elderly couple $610,000 for their personal injuries. The couple was injured near the Illinois/Wisconsin border in 2004 when a semi-truck rear-ended their motor vehicle on I-90.

The jury awarded the 80-year-old man $60,000 for rotator cuff injuries he sustained in the Illinois truck crash. They awarded his wife, 86, $550,000 for soft tissue injuries to her upper back, shoulders, and neck. The approximately half a million dollar award is the highest verdict an Illinois jury has ever awarded to a plaintiff older than 60 for soft tissue injuries.

The woman incurred over $55,000 in medical costs and continues to receive physical therapy for her injuries. Her husband required surgery in 2007 for his torn rotator cuff and his medical expenses exceeded $25,000. While the trucking company had admitted negligence, it had argued that the couple was not hurt from the Illinois auto accident to the extent that they claimed.

Soft Tissue Injuries
The “soft tissue” refers to areas in the body that are non-bony, such as the tendons, muscles, and ligaments. These types of injuries are known to commonly occur during motor vehicle crashes, frequently leading to sprains, tears, soreness, and strains. Getting jolted in a truck accident, in addition to the force of impact, can cause significant damage to the soft tissue areas of the body. This can lead to swelling, pain, and loss of function. Whiplash is a common kind of soft tissue injury, which can result in joint dysfunction, chronic pain, and herniated discs.

Because soft tissue injuries cannot be seen via x-ray, they can sometimes be difficult to diagnose. It doesn’t help that it can take days for motor vehicle accident victims with soft tissue injuries to start exhibiting symptoms.

The Insurance Research Council conducted a study in 2002 that found soft tissue injuries to be one of the most common kinds of auto accident injuries. Recovery from a soft tissue injury will usually require the help of a medical professional. Physical therapy, as well as medications to relieve inflammation and pain, may also be required. In cases of severe soft tissue injury, surgery and rehabilitation may be required.

Illinois Jury Awards Record Verdict for Soft Tissue Injuries Arising out of Truck Accident,, March 27, 2009

What is a Soft Tissue Injury in a Car Accident?,'

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